We are specialists in commercial copywriting. 

1. What we do

Design | Motiv8.me MagazineConstant Copy is a full service copywriting agency that offers a complete range of commercial copywriting, proofwriting and editing services. We specialise in researching and writing engaging and effective high quality marketing copy that is designed to help your business achieve its objectives.

We work on a vast range of projects for both digital and print media including website copy, blog writing, social media, advertisements and promotions, product descriptions, leaflets, brochures and booklets, scripts for video and audio, manuals and handbooks, magazines and books and more.


2. Who we work with

Career Change | Motiv8.me MagazineThe vast majority of our work is discreetly conducted on a white label basis (ghost writing). We work with a portfolio of clients from across the UK, representing a diverse range of sectors. Speciality areas include the dental sector, property development and estate agencies, automotive, ICT and technology, HVAC and business.




3. What people say about us

"At Fastsms, content really is king. It helps form the foundation on which our multi-channel marketing strategy is built, which means it's crucial that it's done right. When we first approached Allan 12 months ago it was with a view to replacing an outgoing blogging resource. Thanks to Allan, our content strategy has evolved beyond simple blogging to include more varied content types, including stunning infographics. Aligning with our SEO strategy, Allan consistently delivers well-worked, original pieces of content that not only rank well but also educate, inform and convert visitors to our website, establishing Fastsms as a thought leader in the industry. Allan has become a vital part of our marketing team, and I would not hesitate to recommend his content services to anyone looking to add that all-important voice and personality to their brand."

- Oliver Burt, Marketing Director, Fastsms Ltd


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