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“Copywriting, that way of writing when meaning has to be squeezed into as few words as possible.”
– Martine Syms

Do you need to find the right words for persuasive advertising that sells or to clearly explain technical information in an engaging format?

Whatever you need and whatever the purpose, we’ve got it covered.

Constant Copy is experienced in producing quality commercial content and copywriting, across digital and print media, for a wide variety of projects:

  • Website content
  • Promotional literature
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Social media
  • Leaflets & brochures
  • Product descriptions
  • Terms & conditions
  • Privacy & cookie policies
  • Case studies
  • FAQ’s
  • Press releases
  • Audio & video scripts
  • Reports
  • Training materials
  • Manuals & handbooks
  • Template letters

In an increasingly competitive world, your content and literature have to be pitched exactly right for your message to compete against the constant stream of information vying for viewers attention.

Remote Working | MagazineTo be effective, your content needs to stand out, grab attention (for the right reasons) and draw in the relevant target audience. It needs to reflect and be a continuation of your brand identity, it needs to be interesting, fluent, skillfully written and definitely grammatically correct. If it is to be published anywhere online, you need it to be optimised for the search engines to find it quickly. Above all, you need all of your content working hard to influence and sell.

Even seemingly minor mistakes can result in poor performance or even negatively affect your brand’s image. Presentation and wording is essential to business success yet finding the time, skills and motivation to get it right is not always easy.

If the writer’s not interested, the writing’s not interesting.

At Constant Copy we believe that every client and every commission is unique. Our approach is to treat every project with the same passion as if it was our first, yet with the benefit of years of experience in the industry. Throughout each project, we will work closely with you to really understand what you want and ensure a perfect fit into your individual brand style. As ghost-writers, we always operate with discretion so that all paid for work is published under your business and brand name. The end result? Compelling, crafted and thoroughly researched writing specifically designed to meet your business objectives.

Whether you need existing content checked over, updated or you have a completely new project to undertake, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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