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"Put your blog out into the world and hope that your talent will speak for itself."
- Diablo Cody

A regularly updated, relevant and well written blog is an essential part of the modern marketing mix and is essential to maintaining SEO. It can also form a key part of your social media strategy. In addition, a quality blog is a powerful lead generation tool and can help your brand to ensure that it is recognised as a leader in the sector. There is nothing easy, however, about coming up with a constant stream of original, interesting and informative content that appeals to the right audience. It takes time, enthusiasm and effort to manage a blog consistently enough to achieve the best results  - and when you’re running a business, that’s not easy to find with so many other things demanding your attention.

Copywriting Services | Constant Copy

Constant Copy’s blog writing services offer a simple solution for removing the pressure whilst still enjoying the benefits and ROI of a regular, consistent and quality blog. Our small team of professional writers are passionate about writing. We also happen to share strong career backgrounds in business management and marketing. Not only does that make us persuasive writers, we have lived and learnt the hard way on how to create effective blogs that help businesses grow.

Constant Copy already writes and manages blogs for an extremely varied range of businesses across a diverse range of industries. No matter how specialist or technical your business may seem, we will be able to help with your blog.


What we offer

  • Quality blogs tailored to your customers.
  • Thoroughly researched articles specific to your business and industry.
  • Engaging content which inspires readers and drives website traffic.
  • Every post optimised for search engine rankings.  
  • Original, proof-read and verified work.
  • Professional, experienced UK based writers.
  • Royalty free images sourced and included.
  • Prompt submissions at intervals chosen by you.
  • Flexible tailored packages to suit your specific requirements.
  • Competitive pricing.

What Our Customers Say

"At Fastsms, content really is king. It helps form the foundation on which our multi-channel marketing strategy is built, which means it's crucial that it's done right. When we first approached Allan 12 months ago it was with a view to replacing an outgoing blogging resource. Thanks to Allan, our content strategy has evolved beyond simple blogging to include more varied content types, including stunning infographics. Aligning with our SEO strategy, Allan consistently delivers well-worked, original pieces of content that not only rank well but also educate, inform and convert visitors to our website, establishing Fastsms as a thought leader in the industry. Allan has become a vital part of our marketing team, and I would not hesitate to recommend his content services to anyone looking to add that all-important voice and personality to their brand."

- Oliver Burt, Marketing Director, Fastsms Ltd




£49.99 / Month
1 blog / month
500 - 750 words (average)
1 revision
£69.99 / Month
1 blog / month
500 - 750 words (average)
1 revision
Feature image
Set up in WordPress
£89.99 / Month
1 blog / month
500 - 750 words (average)
1 revision
Feature image + text overlay
Set up in WordPress
Yoast optimised
Published to live
Distributed on Social

Customised price plans also available depending on your specific needs - please contact us to discuss your requirements

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